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    Sang Tuo company was founded in 1995, is a collection of wet wipes R & D, production, sales of professional companies. Enterprises in line with the principle of good faith management, actively supporting business, regional exclusive agency and so on, continue to expand the scale of the market, by the vast number of customers and consumers alike. With the gradual implementation of enterprise development strategy planning, in 2005 and invest in factories in Dalian, the establishment of Sang Tuo (Dalian) Biological New Technology Co., Ltd., covers an area of nearly 10 thousand square meters. Now has a modern production line, medical ...

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The production of OEM, also known as the fixed-point production, commonly known as OEM (production), the basic meaning is not directly brand producers to produce products, but to use their mastery of the key technology for the design and development of new products, control the sales channels.